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Products and Services

Intelliq Group provides the following products and services.

Web Application Development

IntelliQ develops uniquely interactive web applications focused on changing the way our clients view the web. Our applications are business-driven, user-focused, and highly innovative

Human Resource Management

IntelliQ also provides cost-effective HRM solutions for any type of organisation which are designed to suit your business needs. The solutions range from a simple payroll module to an end-to-end HRM solution.

Customer Relationship Management

IntelliQ also provides CRM solutions to help business keep their customers engaged and satisfied with their services.

Mobile Applications

IntelliQ also develops mobile applications for organisations looking to expand the channels available for users to access their services.

About Us

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Company Overview

IntelliQ is a software solutions partnership that specialises in delivering efficient and cost-effective solutions which are tailored to our clients needs, locally and across the globe. It was founded in the year 2015 and is now based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We help our clients grow their businesses with solutions that will enable them to reach their clients within the digital space. We design and develop a full range of contemporary software solutions including web applications, human resource management solutions, customer relationship management solutions and mobile applications. Our offices are currently located in Krugersdorp, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Our Values


» We always strive for excellence, without compromise

» We promote a culture of open communication and collaboration

» We take pride and respect all individuals involved in our organisation as people are the life-blood of any business


» We operate honestly and ethically in regards to all business and social interactions with of our stakeholders

» We understand that great software isn’t solely based on amazing code; it also consists of stellar design which caters to the client’s needs

Method to the Madness

We deliver our solutions with a simple 6 step process: - We meet the client and understand their needs - We demo an initial prototype, to create a visual canvas to work from - We proceed to develop a detailed design of the prototype with the main functionality running - Once the client has approved the detailed design, that’s when we begin coding. - Once the development of the solution is complete, we test the application to its breaking point to ensure that the application will run and transition smoothly into the client’s environment - Once the testing phase is complete, we provide support throughout the Go-live phase from the planning the deployment of the solution to the maintenance of the solution.

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